Hi - I am Chrissi.

I am currently working as a freelancing UX and Product Designer in the Ruhr Region, Germany and have more than 7 years of experience in the design field. I love working in cross-functional teams collaborating closely with the different roles of a software team. I can help teams build better usable and more ethical products. I have a strong product and analysis focus so I prefer to work on projects where I can help with the big picture of the product and it's vision. I usually use my design skills to solve actual poblems by having access to users and finding out about their pain points and their needs.

Before working as a freelancer I have worked in permanent positions for well-known and award-winning companies and design agencies in the Cologne area and the Ruhr region (such as ThoughtWorks, Oktober, Interbrand, Das Hochhaus). My personal work was published in (online) magazines and shown at exhibitions.

My field of expertise lies in visual communication specifically concerning corporate design, exhibition design, ux/ui design and illustration. I have completed my Master's degree (with Merit) at the University of Wolverhampton (UK) in 2012. My major was »Digital and Visual Communication specialized in Illustration.«